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Welcome to Araxes, where getting murdered is just the start of your problems."To say that the concept of Chasing Graves is grimdark would be an understatement... The world building is fantastic and reminiscent of Michael Moorcocks Elric series. Grimdark MagazineChasing Graves might well be one of the best releases not only for December but for the entirety of 2018. BookNestG...

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Chasing Graves Reviews

  • Dann

    Chasing Graves is the start of a brand new trilogy written by Ben Galley (The Heart of Stone and the Emaneska series) and is set in the eerie realm of the Far Reaches. To say that the concept of Chasing Graves is grimdark would be an understatement. There is monetised slaughter, slavery, and torture, two of which occur beyond the grave. For in Araxes, the jewel of the Arctian Empire, even the dead do not rest, especially the shades hooked to their masters’ leashes.

    Galley’s novel revolves around

  • Fiona Tewson

    A new venture

    I have been waiting to read this book since I first heard of its conception and I have not been disappointed. A completely new concept with new characters to like - or not like! The book tells the tale of several protagonists and gathers the various ends together towards the end before throwing a spanner in the works, so to speak. We have been promised a short wait for the rest of the trilogy and book 2 is out in January, a new years present to look forward to.

    If you like your fanta

  • Travis Riddle

    This was quite a good first foray into Galley's work. He's got a great, quick-moving style with creative but not overly-purple prose, which I really appreciate.

    The novel follows several different POV characters, all of which have intriguing plotlines that probably could've carried a book on their own. So far they're only slightly overlapping, and I'm excited to see how they get further tangled up in each other as the series progresses.

    I'd call the book's world-building its greatest strength. G

  • Sirvinya

    I won an eARC through a twitter giveaway. There was no expectation for a review, but I suspected I would anyway!

    The fact that our lead character dies straight away isn't a spoiler, it in fact sets up the entire premise of the rest of the book. Caltro is definitely an interesting character. When we first meet him, he's demonstrating his masterful lock picking abilities by shitting in someone's strong box. I had a feeling I was going to enjoy reading about him!

    There are a few plots that focus on v

  • Pat

    Review soon

  • Kristen

    Full review is here on my blog!~

    The city of Araxes is most well known for the thousands of indentured dead that populate it. Half a copper coin and some of the water of the Nyx river are enough to bind the soul of a person who died of some sort of trauma to whomever holds half of the copper coin used in the ritual. The rich of Araxes collect these coins, and their shades, and use them as slaves for anything from housecleaning to building and so on.

    This is the story of Caltro Basalt, who is a mas

  • Diogo

    I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review, which follows, free of spoilers.

    There's something to be said about Fantasy books which take a brilliant idea and then develop it deeply, allow the world to steep in it, and work its many nuances into a story. A world built on the sound foundation of a great idea executed well has a sort of consistency that is hard to find when building one entirely out of thin air - and Chasing Graves is one such book, and easily one of my top book

  • Timy

    You can find this review on my blog!

    I've got an ARC in exchange of an honest review from the author.

    In everyone’s life comes that point when we start to think about what awaits us after death depending on your beliefs. A happy afterlife? Torture? A place in between where we wait until our fate is decided? Or something else? The people of Araxes aren’t wondering much, they know all too well what comes for them: endless servitude as shades. The luckier ones can get their freedom and a choice in t