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The Confectioner's Coup

Out of the frying pan, into the fire... Wren thought things were bad when her boyfriend's father tried to frame her for murder. But that was before a hostile army showed up at the city gates, ready to swallow Maradis whole. And before guild members began disappearing one by one--including the Confectioner's Guild's newest Gifted recruit.Wren, suspecting the king is to blame...

Title : The Confectioner's Coup
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Number of Pages : 344 pages
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The Confectioner's Coup Reviews

  • Kerry Baker

    The Confectioners Coup by Claire Luana is the second book in the Confectioner Chronicles. This series ideally needs to be read in order as it follows the same character on her journey.

    This author effortlessly pulls you back into Wrens story and the troubles she is facing. With new enemies and a dangerous mission ahead of her Wren has to put her wits and courage to the test once more.

    This series for me keeps getting better. Each book is a new turn in the road and it is making this a very excitin

  • Sarah

    A great read about thinking things through. Wren survived the ordeals of the first novel and is trying to resume her normal life. When her and Callidus are on the trail of a Gifted ice cream maker, they are attacked by mysterious men in black. However, the ice cream maker Thom joins them and is a fast friend. As war looms and tensions rise, Guild members start mysteriously disappearing., including Thom. Can Wren and her friends solve the mystery and find Thom before war threatens them all?

    a grea

  • Danielle

    Even better than the first!

    I love Claire Luana's writing. Such masterful storytelling and such rich writing. She is one of the few authors I read that doesn't summon my inner editor.

    This book continues the tale started in the first fairly seamlessly, I love the world and characters, even when what happened was heartrending. Luana does not shy away from the difficult realities of politics and war.

    Now, please excuse me while I binge read the next one....

  • Heather Lovelace

    Luana does it again! This second installment in the series definitely does not disappoint. The world building, character development, storytelling ... all are spellbinding and right on point. I can’t say enough good things about this author and series and certainly cannot wait to read more. Loved it!

  • Karen

    Wow, just wow. There's just no words to explain what I'm feeling right now.

    I cannot believe what it has taken for this world to become apart of my own.

    This series so far has made my heart soar, has made my heart jump with fright and fear, has made my heart cringe with awkwardness, it has made my heart sing for joy and it has made my heart broken with sadness and sorrow.

    And I believe for this novel alone, it has accomplished all of these, but mainly the last one

    This book really hits you hard

  • Megan

    Give me more adventure and mystery in this world and I am happy!!! I love the different guilds and characters. I did receive these as ARCs with no review obligation, but I loved them so much I bought them all, if that tells you anything...

  • Angela James

    Treachery and Betrayal

    Holy smokes! I was not expecting that ending... I think this author just tried to kill me. Seriously having a wtf moment, like I can't even wow. Treachery and betrayal is the name of the game in this book. This series has sucked me in. I'm invested in Wren, Lucas, Hale, Callidus, Olivia, and sooo many of the other characters. I need answers.