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Every wrongdoing warrants a consequence. In my case, Ive decided to settle the score with death.Especially when, what brought this on, what stirred up my crazy, was the vicious attack on an innocent young girl.Worse, one that ended in her death. Years, Ive been plotting to take out the men I used to call my brothers.The men who double-crossed me by brutally murdering my sist...

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Warrant Reviews

  • Christina

    Loving this darker side of Kathy Coopmans' writing! Chaz and Jillian's relationship is unconventional to say the least. I love a great revenge story and this is it! You get love, loss, and lots of craziness in between. You can't go wrong with this series!

  • Cali Gals

    If you like a dark read that leaves you reeling then here you go. It is full of angst and you get some sexy added to spice it up even more. Sex trafficking, murder, and sexual/physical abuse are some of the elements explored so be ready for an intense experience. I will admit some of it was hard to get through because of how extreme it was. I did it though and now I am just processing how crazy this book is. So as I said if you love dark, angsty books this one will take you for a ride. Happy Rea ...more

  • Lynne Garlick

    This to me exceeds the five stars! I want a mother trucking golden button Damn it!! *stamps foot! I am loving this darker side of Kathy Coopmans.

    I have already handed over my heart and soul to this author, she has now taken my last breath with this book, I am drowning in delicious darkness, nobody throw me a life line.....I mean really who needs oxygen?....breathing is overrated right?!

  • Marnie

    “I will never understand why life has to be so cruel to some and carefree for others.”

    Jillian Wiley (Chapter2).
    This statement from Jillian, has always been my one question in life, and it hit right to my soul. Why do some people have to be the ones who suffer so much torment and deprivation in life, that it makes them a barely living shell of a person.

    Never have I ever read so many challenging reads since I decided to step outside of my comfortable boundaries this year, and have discovered a pl

  • Crystal Gray

    This book, WOW! You definitely should read Vengeance first. This whole series has all the feels! Chaz, I fell in love with him in the first book but oh my goodness. I am left speechless, even a month later I don't know what to say! Just read it.

  • Tammi

    Gah!! I am loving the dark side of Kathy Coopmans. It's dark, dirty and simply delicious I devoured this story.

    She's broken, he's broken both running from the guilt of a dark horrific past. But drawn together like magnets. Secrets keep them apart both too ashamed to reveal their past.

    Chaz peaked my interest in Vengeance and now we get his story. A sick and twisted story that keeps him looking for revenge.

    And Jillian the girl went through Hell and had no escape from a demented brother.

    Together t

  • Denise Van plew

    Man oh man where can you start and what can you say with one such as this? This will start you out in the deep and the dark but you gotta have it to have the base for this one. It leaves you with your mouth open spewing a bit of anger too. Some of the men in this one is evil through and through. Along comes Jillian and your mind is taken in another direction with watching her every move. The one who wraps around her soul though is dark but in a different light. It would seem also that it brought ...more

  • Amy [The Little Bookworm]

    After reading Vengeance I was looking forward to Chaz’s story, but once I started it I kind of had mixed feelings about it. The story will build and then kind of crash at times, I found it hard to keep my interest because it would slow down so much.

    I was not a fan of Jillian, she kind of annoyed me at times and was slightly immature, but I also get with everything she has experienced can play a role in that. Chaz on the other hand was badass. Who know an assassin could be so sweet and caring. Y