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Batman: Damned, Book Two

Book Two of Three. Provisional cover. ...

Title : Batman: Damned, Book Two
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Batman: Damned, Book Two Reviews

  • Sam Quixote

    The Joker’s still deaded and Batman and John Constantine are continuing to puzzle out whodunit - they don’t get much closer in Batman: Damned #2!

    There’s disappointingly little development in the increasingly trite-seeming plot, which is surprising as there’s only one more issue to go before this storyline wraps! This issue is basically an excuse for more street-level interpretations of DC’s supernatural characters for no reason!

    In the first issue we got Deadman and Zatanna, and here we get Jas

  • Jocelyn

    I’m a sucker for good art and this is just beauuuuutiful (and dark AF, and evil).

  • Monsour

    Beat on the bat, beat on the bat, BEAT ON THE BAT, WITH A BASEBALL BAT

    No bat badingdon here. So let's focus on the Bat horror shall we. The issue had a little development happening and manly focus on the supernatural aspect of Gotham. Joker is dead and the enchantress is haunting bat. The Bruce flashback is also add's some info on what is Bruce's childhood actually is before the Crime Alley incident. Constantine and Dead man two big hotshot in DC's paranormal aspect is still here. What I actual

  • Abu Syed sajib

    I starting to be sceptical about its ending...

  • Lestat

    No words. This read like a filler issue with no substantial plot or arc. There’s a black rapper caricature who’s in there just to be laughed at. Because this is the DC Black Label, the writer takes the opportunity to throw in as many F-bombs as possible. Constantine’s narration continues to be pedantic.

    The art is mesmerizing but inconsistent. Constantine looks different in every panel and some of the lettering is hard to read. From time to time it was hard to tell what was happening in a panel

  • Jeremy Whetzel


    Continues to be a landmark "adult" Batman series! Looking forward to issue three in a couple months! High quality production and artwork really help shape the darkness of the story.

  • Onur

    Got further confused, maybe because I had forgotten about the first book. Still the story doesn't make me much excited for the conclusion. Cool flashback for Bruce tho.

  • Evy

    First issue was better, but art is pretty awesome. Waiting to see what happens next. I feel like it is too early to say anything major for sure yet.