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Assassin's Magic

Is love worth the danger?When Hunter Cassidy plans to infiltrate the Assassin's Legion, posing as an assassin-in-training, she is prepared to encounter danger every step of the way. What she doesn't expect is the ruggedly handsome and relentlessly fierce trainee, Slade Baines. It's hard enough that Hunter is the first female to be accepted to train with the Master Assassin h...

Title : Assassin's Magic
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Number of Pages : 323 pages
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Assassin's Magic Reviews

  • Donna Matthewman


    This book has everything I’ve come to expect from this authors work. It’s gripping from the start and fast paced so you don’t start losing focus when reading. It’s action packed but with an underlying love story too. In one word it’s amazing!

  • Amy Ausburn

    Oh my

    Assassin's Magic follows Hunter through her time at what is an assassins academy essentially. She has lost everyone and is there for a reason. We get to see her go through the training, deal with her enemies and find her match.

    The world building is cool. It's basically this world but with pocket realms on top. That's fairly standard. What made it cool was how the author dealt with the rules of the creatures, the realm and the assassins themselves.

    The characters were well developed. Our tw

  • Nicole

    Like chocolate for my reading eyes

    I inhaled this book like a grumpy, stressed-out, PMSing woman inhaling chocolate. It was good, really good. I’m looking forward to tearing into the next book in 3, 2, 1...

  • Pam Foster

    Wow what an exciting story!!

    Assassin’s Magic is a thrilling series opener with wonderfully written characters and a fantastic plot. This author is one of my favourite finds of 2018 and I’ve read all her books now: this new series has a more grown up feel to it because of the themes in the story and I really enjoyed it. Hunter is a badass character with a great back story and I loved her from page one: cannot wait to see how the story develops in book 2 😁 5 stars from me ❤

  • Renée

    Assassin’s Magic is the beginning of Hunter Cassidy’s story, and what a story it is. Everly Frost has written a captivating book, with a detailed and action packed storyline, characters you’ll love and some you’ll hate, a strong female MC, and an emotional touch that will dig into your heart and connect you right into what Hunter is experiencing.

    I really don’t want to give anything away about this book, but Assassin’s Magic is a must read and one that I highly recommend.

    Looking forward to cont