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An Everlasting Christmas

A Happily Everlasting Series Novella Welcome to Everlasting, Maine, where there's no such thing as normal.Wil Messing may own a thriving antique shop in the tiny seaside town of Everlasting, Maine, but the man and the shop are far more than they appear to be. Born into a long line of supernatural hunters, this alpha male has had to make tough decisions all of his life. But t...

Title : An Everlasting Christmas
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Number of Pages : 152 pages
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An Everlasting Christmas Reviews

  • Nikki Brooks

    Yay, Wil and Jolene finally get some loving! Wil has been on his own for a long time. He and Jolene share a bit of history (not going to spoil anything) and he has harboured a bit of a crush for a while!

    Jolene caved to finally pressure before and now lives her life, her way. No-one really gets to see the softer side that she releases within the confines of her home. She may know her way around a carburettor but she is also a rather chic and classy lady!

    But just as he works up the courage to beg

  • Robin

    Ever since I began reading this story I knew there was something between Wil and Jolene. Learned many things I didn't know about these two. And today I needed the distraction of falling into a romantic story with humorous overtones. My brother was tragically killed two days ago 10/13, two days before my older brother's birthday.

    So thanks Ms. Roth for being a darn good story teller. Your stories convey a great deal of emotions that someone like me falls into it like I am a character too.

    I volunta

  • Kim

    This was so heart warming! I have read all of the Everlasting stories up to this point and was already familiar with all of the characters and back stories. Having this Christmas story was just an extra heaping of sugar on top of some already great stories. It was fabulous to see everyone pull together just like family.

  • Rhonda Jones

    Romance Everlasting Style

    If you are a fan of this series, which I am, you will love revisiting the characters. This is a short story, a fun romance. I loved reading Joyce's backstory.

  • Jan Janus

    Another amazing read written by Many M Roth. Wil is more than a hunter, he's a stubborn old coot if you will. Green definitely is not his best color, unless of course it is at the mercy of laughs. I love all of the characters and how they banter back and forth with one another and this story line made my heart rejoice. Lots of laughs and a few tears, looking forward to more in the coming months.

    I voluntarily received an ARC copy for review

  • Robin

    Mandy Roth - An Everlasting Christmas (The Happily Everlasting Series Book 7)

    ToThis novella takes place back in the unique town of Everlasting where all sorts of supernatural and magical people and animals live.

    This is the 7th story in the series and this one is a short story that takes place around Christmas. We have met Jolene and Wil in previous stories and it’s always been know that there is some romantic history between the two.

    Jolene is as Shifter who is known for her matchmaking skills

  • Cilicia White

    This is a holiday story mixed with a paranormal romance mystery. Will and Jolene are ex-lovers who let others break them up. Years past when Will finally decides he needs to step up or lose Jolene forever. This was a sweet story that deals with an older couple. This is part of s multiple author series. You don’t have to read them in order. I received a copy of this book for a honest review.

  • Moeniesa Sahabodien

    Another awesome book by Mandy.

    Her books are so fun and easy to read that they always seem much shorter than they actually are.

    I love Everlasting. The shenanigans that the town people gets up to always has me in stitches and this time was no different.

    At last a romance that has been in "hibernation" for many, many years has come to fruition.

    Definitely worth reading