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Target: Alex Cross

TARGET: HEAD OF STATEA leader has fallen, and the procession route from Capitol Hill to the White House is lined with hundreds of thousands of mourners. None feel the loss of a President more keenly than Alex Cross, who has devoted his life to the public good. TARGET: UNITED STATES CABINETA snipers bullet strikes a target in the heart of DC. Alex Crosss wife, Bree Stone, new...

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Target: Alex Cross Reviews

  • Jewels

    Another enjoyable page-turner from James Patterson.

    As usual, I will give away no finer details about the plot in my review - there are plenty of others out there who already do that.

    It was good to revisit Alex Cross and his family. This time Alex - and his wife Bree - are battling to unravel an assassination plot. As usual with Patterson books, there is more than one thread to the tale, in this case there is more than one plot - and more than one plotter!

    Looking forward to the next book in the A

  • Adah Udechukwu

    Target : Alex Cross is an action packed, well written, no dull moment novel. Its a James Patterson masterpiece

  • Elaine Tomasso

    I would like to thank Netgalley and Random House UK, Cornerstone for an advance copy of Target Alex Cross, the twenty sixth novel to feature psychologist Dr Alex Cross.

    When Senator Elizabeth Walker is shot dead by a sniper every agency is on high alert and the FBI drafts in Alex Cross to help in the investigation. At the same time his wife, Chief of Detectives for Metro PD Bree Stone launches her own investigation. Unfortunately for them this is only the start of a nefarious conspiracy.

    I thoroug

  • Peace Owen

    It's been awhile since I read any James Patterson or Thrilker/Crime/Action. Actually the last good one I read was Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp series.

    This is probably not Patterson's best work, but it's real good. Character flow from previous books written so well that the book stands independently even as a part of the series. Dialogue and progression are on point, it's Patterson, duh. The plot however feels a lot over the top. I get the tragic incident in the book can happen, but it's actually so

  • Carol

    I very much enjoyed the read of Target. I thought it was well written, kept amazing suspense and was really pleased that Patterson won an award in the top 100 books for the Alex Cross Series. I'm guessing this is the book he worked on with Bill Clinton. Assassins are running amok all over DC and the whole United States in this Alex Cross story. Patterson intrigues his readers by revealing the details of the assassins' preparations, disguises, aliases, and elaborate rehearsals, but he doesn't let ...more

  • Paromjit

    It has been a long time since I have read a James Patterson thriller, although I have read a couple in the Alex Cross series. This may be the 26th in the series, but it works perfectly fine as a standalone. It opens with Cross and his family's presence at the funeral of 47 year old President Catherine Grant, a woman of stature who managed to overcome many of the divisions in the US. Her death was unexpected, triggering an atmosphere of gloom and sorrow in Cross and the nation. The new US preside ...more

  • Scott

    I’ve been reading James Patterson books for over twenty years. During that time, like most of his fans, my favorite character has always been Alex Cross. He was Patterson’s first detective series that helped lay the foundation for his kingdom of several bestselling series and stand-alone novels. For me, Alex has remained a fierce, intellectual knight of moral character and the proper use of action. I remember reading the Alex’s first adventure, “Along came a Spider” and almost cried when Alex, t ...more

  • Pauline

    Target: Alex Cross by James Patterson is a fast paced thriller that has plenty of action.

    This is the 26th book in the series and you get to know the main characters and family well.

    After the assassination of a senator Alex's wife Bree is searching for the Killer and Alex is being stalked by an unknown person.

    I would like to thank NetGalley and Random House UK, Cornerstone for my e-copy in exchange for an honest review.