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So Bright a Hope

When Caroline Whitney receives word that the brother she thought was dead is in fact a prisoner of war, she is frantic to rescue him. On the way to find help, she hides from the Redcoats, but is quickly discovered by a rugged British soldier who claims she must go with him, or be tried for espionage. The world would tell her this man is the enemy, but the veiled secrets in h...

Title : So Bright a Hope
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So Bright a Hope Reviews

  • Andrea

    I pre-ordered this beautiful book as soon as it was available and was so excited when it appeared on my Kindle!

    Then life got in the way of me completing the reading of it. So I started over and read straight through. LOVED it!

    Amber Lynn Perry does not disappoint with this conclusion of the Daughters of His Kingdom series. A little bird told me that we have not seen the last of all the characters though. There's a spin-off, I can't wait!

    With vivid details and raw emotion, we see Caroline in dang

  • Phyllis

    A spy who isn't a spy and the enemy who isn't an enemy

    Caroline, according to James, was a terrible liar. As in she didn’t lie well. Her face gave her away every time she tried. He, on the other hand, was in a position that his life depended on his ability to pretend.

    I was made to really care for Caroline and James in So Bright a Hope. Poor Caroline had been made to believe that no man could love her the way she was. And James felt so guilty because of a grave mistake he had made in the past.

    I fo

  • Jocelyn Green

    With crescendoing drama and soaring romance, So Bright a Hope is sure to pull readers deep into the intrigue of the Revolutionary War. Crafted with a love for the era and for language itself, this novel is a pleasure to read. Fans of historical romance will delight in this triumphant conclusion to the series.

  • Martha

    I enjoyed this conclusion to the series and was thrilled to see there will be another series starting with a secondary character.

    It is hard to find books that make you feel like you are experiencing the Revolutionary war, but this one does. It was worth the wait, that is for sure.

  • Mandy

    Amber Lynn Perry has ended the Daughters of His Kingdom series with, what I believe to be, her best work yet. The words and phrases used throughout the story are nothing short of genius. Each sentence has a meaning. Not a word is wasted. This story will grab you and take you on a journey like you have never traveled before. Emotions will be felt, and you will feel wrung out at times from the strength of a story well told. At other times throughout this book you will feel energized as you fly thr ...more

  • Susan J

    Excellent Series

    Hero’s live in these pages. Both men and women shine with Nobel qualities that bring them through their trials and well earned resolution. Passionate dialog, sweeping, original storytelling captivates and educates the reader throughout this series as a Nation is unequivocally forged with the intervention and blessings of divine support. Liberty is the gift and familial love blooms. More please.

  • Mary

    So bright a book! Carolyn might not read a lot of fiction but I do! I revel in good christian fiction, savoring its hopeful stories. James Higley is a hero to root for and Carolyn Whitney is an absolute treasure! I'd wish to be her friend. Both characters were smart, clever, brave... but human... In a sweet, tender way.

    The story was beautiful. Mrs. Perry did an amazing job with the plot, characters and description. I was whisked right away into mystery, action and intrigue. In fact because of th