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Stephen Fry's Victorian Secrets

Step right up, step right up and don’t be shy—welcome to Victorian Secrets. Over 12 fascinating episodes, Stephen Fry explores the weird and worrying ways of Victorian Britain through true accounts delving deep into a period of time we think we know, to discover an altogether darker reality. ...

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Stephen Fry's Victorian Secrets Reviews

  • Erin

    A history fans Christmas feast, this was an Audible original selection for November. Victorian England has always been one of my favorite historical periods and Stephen Fry certainly made each of these 12 chapters interesting. He explores sexuality -both male and female, spirituality, Afro-British history, Opium, Hygienie& Bathrooms,and insane asylums. Supporting Fry are several intellectuals that have studied those topics in their adult life. Trust me, it's all very fascinating and I will d ...more

  • Tracy

    I love Victorian England and this audiobook is perfect for anyone who does. I enjoyed the Narrator and am going to get more titles with him. I didn't love all the tidbits about the Victorian time period but it was interesting for sure. I think my favorite was at the end, chapter 12, about Sherlock Holmes. That was fascinating to me!

  • Joselyn  Moreno Burke

    For not hearing much of nonfiction this one, was amazing, i really liked it so much.

    It was a compendium of various stories and secrets from Victorian London, that make quite the interesting narration.

    One of my favorites was episode 8 so many secrets they have, I think the 8 is my favorite since they talk about Oscar Wilde and he is one of my favorite authors, he was always so controversial.

    Beauty and Beards was a fun one, with Stephen hushing the girl doing the advertising of forever young, I l

  • Angus McKeogh

    Great Victorian history. Perfect narration. Extremely interesting stuff. Free from Audible. I really, really enjoyed this. Recommended. Looking forward to the next installment.

  • Martti

    As repeatedly said here, Stephen Fry could narrate tax declarations and make it interesting. In this case he does so with quirky history in the spirit of one of my favorite shows - Quite Interesting!

    This came as a bonus for having an Audible subscription, I'm positively surprised.

  • Netta

    Fabulous documentary, if at times a bit too superficial to my taste.

  • Allison

    Narrators can make or break a book and if you want someone that appreciates the absurd you can do a lot worse than Stephen Fry. He made this Audible original great because of his intelligent appreciation for the subject matter and his delivery.

    I will re-listen to this just because of the narrator although the subject matter is super interesting as well.

    If you belong to Audible this is one of the free books for November 2018, I'd definitely suggest snapping it up if you have any interest in the

  • Sonja Arlow

    Audible Original

    Ah the Victorians, so tight lipped, buttoned up and proper, while behind closed doors there are so many dirty secrets to be guarded.

    This has the feel of a podcast with interview snippets of authors who wrote about specific topics in the Victorian era, some re-enactment of historic diary entries and of course the delightful commentary of Stephen Fry.

    From sexual deviations, which today won’t raise an eyebrow, to cosmetic rituals, the birth of freak shows, the first recorded female