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Dirty Bad Boy

I'm not a total dickMost days, I'm a damned decent guy. Just not around my buddy's sister. She's sexy as sin, sharp as hell, and she's also the lush little harpy who's been rubbing me wrong since we were kids. I don't want to do her a favorIf it had been any other damsel in distress looking to shake some unwanted attention, I'd have been the perfect fake boyfriend for all of...

Title : Dirty Bad Boy
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Number of Pages : 222 pages
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Dirty Bad Boy Reviews

  • Caro

    3.5-4 stars.

    I really enjoyed this one, I just love it when the characters hate each other and then turn to love. <3

    We have Laurel and Jack, they’ve known each other for years and hated each other almost as much. He’s Laurel’s brother’s best friend, so he’s always been around, much to Laurel’s displeasure. But then they both need each other to be their fake boy/girlfriend and suddenly, they don’t hate each other that much.

    Anyway, I loved their evolution to something more, they really were grea

  • Corrie

    How have I never read anything by this author before!? Dirty Bad Boy has placed Mira Lyn Kelly right up on my top 5 must read authors!

    Frenemies! With a second chance! Writing GOLD!

    I think what I adored the most about this story was the verbal sparring between Jack and Laurel. This story was an emotional win for me. I found myself running through several emotions from beginning to end. Anger, glee, sadness, fear. I laughed, I cried. It.Was.All.There. I read to feel, to be entertained and that was

  • Crystal

    Jack and Laurel are just the best. I love their banter, their romance, and simply everything about them and their story! A definite must-read!

  • Tammy

    Mira has another hit on her hands with Dirty Bad Boy and this is my favorite book of the series.

    I absolutely loved Jack and Laurel. Jack is so tough on the outside, with his trade mark smirk, but on the inside Laurel has been his since he was 6 years old. Life happens, people/things stand in their way, but Jack is there for Laurel When she needs him.

    You see heart break at an early age and just when things seem to be looking up for both Jack and Laurel - bam, your heart is broken in two. It leav

  • Gladys

    This is such a wonderful read. Fun, steamy and emotional, this book brings a whole lot to the table. This well written, fast paced read quickly sucks you into this enemies-to-lovers romance. It was so easy to fall for Jack and Laurel. These two share history. Some good and some bad and that adds lots of complexity and complications to their relationship. Their witty dialogue was entertaining, their chemistry sizzling and the real way they felt about each other so obvious and poignant, that you a ...more

  • Jane Ashley Converse

    I LOVED this book! Enemies to lovers is one of my favorite tropes! This one had me flipping the pages.

    The chemistry was off the charts! The story had me laughing out loud in parts. And the characters had me falling in love right along with them!

    Another 5 star read from Mira!

    Will not be disappointed! Must read!

  • Cat

    I was totally and utterly hooked with this story, I absolutely love a good enemies to friends to lovers story. With plenty of Romance, humour and steam. This book had it ALL and so it was so thoroughly enjoyable and a pleasure to read.

    I Love Jack and Laurel, they made me laugh, cry and swoon, with their chemistry that was completely electrifying they stole my heart completely.

    This is a perfect read,that you can get swept away in.

    Brilliantly written Mira Kelly I Loved every single word.

  • 2OCC Reviews

    Dirty bad Boy was everything I love within a romance story, with two characters that were complete opposites that were absolutely perfect for each other. I absolutely loved the storyline of this book with strong characters. I really loved the writing of this story because I was able to feel the emotions of the characters while also enjoyed the storyline. I love the way the story had a number of funny moments throughout it while also having the perfect mix of drama and romance throughout the stor ...more