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Midnight Bite

A kiss on New Year's Eve is supposed to be lucky...but a vampire bite? That's not exactly something a woman dreams of getting. And when Lark Kinsley gets bit, all bets are off. She stakes her date, runs into the night, and tries to put the whole nightmare behind her. Only she can't. Because she immediately runs into troubletrouble in the form of a tall, dark, and deadly sexy...

Title : Midnight Bite
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Number of Pages : 151 pages
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Midnight Bite Reviews

  • Tiblu

    I just can’t pick a good one at the moment.....

    Deep sigh..

    Yet again,I had wanted to like this....

    I’ll try to be quick I promise....

    My review is just my opinion...

    This was like insta love on steroids... Lark has a bad date,horribly soo..She might not have taken after her mother as a hunter but you’d think she’d know a vamp. when she’s on a bad blind date with one....

    Anyway her horrible mother died ten years prior to her 26th birthday and took way too many secrets with her...ones Lark badly needed

  • Carvanz

    What a great little read! The thing I love about romances with vampires is the way the hero is totally obsessed with the heroine and that is exactly what Devereaux is. He is protective and possessive and a bit uncertain of himself where she is concerned which endeared him to me even more. I loved that he wanted to charm her and hadn’t the first inkling of how to do so. He is the least charming vampire in history. While his plan begins with a certain agenda, it takes a drastic change once he has ...more

  • Shahla's World

    If you want a story pulsating with mystery and fire and of course bad guys then this book ticks all those boxes. Best of all though is the fact that not everything is black or white and just who is good and who is bad gets put to the test. I think you can tell I loved it and I can't wait to read the next book.

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  • Marsha

    (3.5 Stars)

    If you are looking for a sexy paranormal romance novel that features vampires as the central characters, "Midnight Bite" is the book for you. Image it is New Year's Eve and you are standing out on the balcony trying to get away from your blind date when he comes over to you and bites you on the neck. Oh yeah, he did it and what's worse is he is a vampire, the very creature your mother attempted to teach you how to fight against. Ready as a girl scout, you pull out your trusty stake an

  • Aqsa

    "He had a plan in place. A perfectly organized plan. He would make her need him so much that she never, ever considered turning away. She would want to stay with him forever. She’d beg to stay with him forever."

    YIKES. thats gross & manipulative as fuck, scoob. not here for it. i mean i love a good, mean ol alphahole bastard but not ones out here taking the mc's agency away. die lmfao.

    dunno whats been happening w/cynthia lately but this isnt it, girl. i love vampires and i LOVED the vampire's

  • Mindy Lou's Book Review

    A fun New Year's novella. You got a stalking vampire prince for a hero, a failed monster hunter for a heroine, and every supernatural species out to kill her for her mothers deeds.

    I enjoy this authors books because she always brings the safe stories that have the jealous and possessive heroes. Even though Devereaux technically stalked Lark until she was 26, he only protected her from a distance. Once he was able to pursue her, every wish was her command. She just didn't want to be in command.


  • Gin

    Entertaining sexy vampire story from a fabulous author. I loved these characters and want more of them. It’s New Year’s Eve and Lark’s birthday and she’s on the date from hell until the sexy vampire Prince drops in to save her. Bite me, kiss me and ... That’s what Lark wants from the hunky Prince Devereaux. Whew, he’s hot and swoon worthy! Dev is ready to take his Queen but she’s not quite there yet. As she contemplates her decision Dev protects her when a slew of baddies are out to get her. Eve ...more

  • Miranda Owen