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For Keeps

Destiny I was doing fine. Just fine. Id long since left my cheating, two-timing, slime ball of a husband, and was doing well making my way in the world. I had a career that I loved as a financial advisor, great friends, and family. I didnt need for anything. Especially not love. Dont get me wrong, I wasnt completely soured on the whole falling in love thing. However, after h...

Title : For Keeps
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For Keeps Reviews

  • Tracey

    Tyler is a beast.

    These Townsend men got better and more intense with each book. Tyler was straight up alpha and he was not taking any prisoners or noโ€™s for an answer.

  • Elysa

    Uhh...yes & no..๐Ÿ˜

    As each tale of the Townsends progress they get messier blurring the lines between behavior that's acceptable & that which is not; at least for me.

    I dislike the porno-like whips & chains sex scenes. So I had to skip over them of which as usual there were too many. For me there's a thin line between erotic & nasty and after Carter's Flame the following stories in that area stay on the nasty side.

    But..I finished, not so much for the HEA but to see how the SEC inve

  • Kay

    Tyler ๐Ÿ˜

    Another great book. I think Tyler is my new favorite Townsend brother and Iโ€™m sad that there arenโ€™t any more for me to drool over. Just like the rest of the series, this is a well written book with great characters, and a story line that isnโ€™t just sex.

    *I will say that I was really disappointed about some of the football references. A cornerback is a defensive player and would not be on the field at the same time as his quarterback. Riggs should have either of been a wide receiver or tigh

  • Mspraise50

    This was another good story by this author. I liked how Tyler went after Destiny and he was sure that he had met the one for him. He looked out for her and cared for until she realised that he was in it for keeps. I enjoyed reading it. Definitely worth a read.

  • Hazel Robinson

    Love The Townsend's

    If you have not read this series, you are missing out. I don't know which Townsend brother I like the best. Each one is HOT in their own way. Don't mess with their family. Daddy Townsend and Mama Townsend don't play either. Love Tyler and Destiny's story. Destiny a financial advisor, and Tyler a quarterback for the Williamsport Cougars are so cute. Tyler is all Alpha a little on the controlling side, Destiny let him think he was in charge. ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰. This story has Destiny who had be

  • Sybil Pun

    Precious, this was precious and the icing on the cake Townsend!!!

    Well, OMG, this right here deserved more than the regular 5 stars.... I have read every Townsend's book and as of now, Aaron and Tyler are my two favorite brothers then came Carter and then Joshua.

    Man oh man, I am originally a sucker for the football players, badass alpha male, romantic teddy bear, and Tyler was all that and ten times more. This man right here had me daydreaming, night dreaming and every dreaming of looking and wa

  • Bev Simon

    A beautifully written story of love and determination...

    Tyler was a joker in other books about the Townsend brothers, I never knew he had such an alpha gene in him! I loved his manliness his forthrightly attitude without being too arrogant, he was the perfect partner for Destiny as she was a force in her tiny package.

    Loved the story and the development of their relationship, well worth reading I just love reading about this family.

  • Kashi Ashley  Lowe

    Iโ€™m going to miss the Townsend Men!

    It was a pleasure reading about Tyler and Destiny. I must say that Iโ€™ve seen myself appear a lot in Destiny, especially when it came to the age between her and Tyler. I must say that yes age is just a number when the love is mutual. Tiffany was able to really connect me with the characters in this book. Yes! Iโ€™m going to really really miss these strong and dependable Townsend men. I am also excited to see what else this author has in store for is her readers, h