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Below the Belt

Noah Avidan has not led a charmed life. His first serious relationship crashed and burned with his boyfriend in the bed of their dog-walker. After achieving his dream job working as a Classics Professor at the University, his life is derailed by a car accident, leaving him blind in one eye and battling to lecture through a stammer. Whatever his luck, though, Noah is bound an...

Title : Below the Belt
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Number of Pages : 200 pages
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Below the Belt Reviews

  • Nic

    Looks are deceiving

    This was a great story. Main characters were both nicely developed they both had depth. Two people appeared broken based on society's definition of normal. But they were in fact extremely strong, determined, resilient and passionate. There is a scene where Noah is attacked and his fear of blindness goes into play and I could almost feel his emotions. Well done!

  • Laura

    Ce livre n'est simplement pas pour moi. Tout se passe trop vite. Je n'arrive pas à m'attacher aux personnages. Je me suis arrêtée à 40% de la lecture. Pourtant, j'avais été séduite par le résumé.

  • Lidia

    Here in Naples there is a said : non può essere più nero della mezzanotte. Can't be more dark than the midnight, in fact reading the plot I have think, wow what can ever happen again to poor Noah and Adrian? The life is been pretty hard to them, evidently not enough because evil Charlie character happened.

    But then, the events wasn't those of a pity story. The disabilties of protagonists wasn't what you focus on but the bravity, the courage, the strong spirit of Noah and Adrian to want love the

  • Ravenclaw Silverstripe

    I liked this. Good plot, strong characters, apparent chemistry, good dialogue.

    What I didn’t like was the out of nowhere poly relationship with the secondary characters. When Anna (Adrian’s twin sister) met Noah and had that conversation about her knowing not to judge a person’s sexuality based on their appearance , she referenced her brother being gay. Yet, not her being bisexual (possibly pansexual). Nor did she about Wes (her husband). But all of sudden Wes and her are interested in having a

  • Anna

    Very sweet, very romantic, I really liked that BOTH protagonists were disabled. More boxing content would not have been amiss!!!!

  • AG Reads

    3.5 to 4 stars. This wasn't a bad book. I did like the romance and the boxing connection, and writing style was good minus the need for further editing. The storyline had some minor issues, and a tendency for background characters to drop off the page never to be heard from again. One was supposedly Noah's best friend at the college but she fades into nothingness about halfway through. Another was the person who supposedly encouraged the scheme surrounding Noah. That person is mentioned once, bu ...more